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Sculpture from bronze to order.
Services of the sculptor

Nelson Afian Arts Center, Foundation "Traditions and Innovation" glad to welcome you! If you are interested in interior and park sculpture, portraits and gravestones, memorial sculpture, architectural and landscape solutions, decoration, restoration, the re-creation of historical monuments and the creation of new unique images, as well as modeling of 3-D characters and objects - we will be happy to help you.

Especially for you, we can develop, deliver and embody in bronze or stone an artistic work of any complexity and for every taste in such theme as: historical, mythological, sports, erotic, and religious sculpture. Unique sculptures and reliefs made in the most diverse genres of high traditions of world art will endlessly please you and your loved ones.

High skills and modern technologies make us leaders in this field. Traditions allow us to work in all variety of styles and genres, whether it's a landscape composition or a portrait sculpture, a graphic character or decoration. To your request equally valuable will be implemented the products of artistic design and sculpture of small forms, works of monumental art and tombstones, memorial sculpture and modern 3-D images.

In combination with our experience, for you we can choose the right style. This will provide an opportunity to significantly enrich and diversify the atmosphere in the interior, will give charm to the existing ex-terrier-park, emphasize your individuality, taste and refinement.


Sculptor Nelson Afian
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+7 921 759 42 93