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Nelson Afian, modern sculptor, architect, designer, poet. Coming from a family of artists, Nelson has followed in the historical practices begun by his grandfather a master stonecutter. Raised among his brothers and uncles who work as jewelers, painters and architects, Nelson has a long history of exposure and experience in traditional art forms that he has incorporated into his own unique style and technique in developing modern sculptures and artistic works.

Upon completion of his education with honors, Nelson was admitted to the famous Russian Imperial Academy of the Arts in St. Petersburg, Russia, where, with distinction, Nelson earned both his Masters and Doctorate in Art. In 2003 the Academy awarded Nelson the coveted Gold Medal and an honorary certificate of excellence for his success and achievements. In the same year, Nelson Afian awarded scholarship trip to Italy as the best student of the Faculty of Sculpture.

2005 Admitted to the highly prestigious Russian Artists Association St. Petersburg. Having been recognized as one of today's most accomplished sculptors and designers, Nelson was chosen in 2003 as the official sculptor for the renowned International Music Festival «Palaces of St. Petersburg». Nelson's statuette «Muse» is the symbol of the festifal and is awarded each year to remarkable people for their contribution to the world culture.

In 2006 Nelson earned a Masters degree from the Russian Academy of Arts Today Nelson Afian continues creating new designs and developing projects for municipalities, government entities, private individuals and other organizations. Nelson's clients include the City of St. Petersburg, the City of Moscow, the Russian Federation, the Armenian Apostolic Church, Jewish and Greek commune in Europe, building companies, Russian and USA corporation and others. Nelson also likes working with his students teaching them secrets of realistic art in sculpture, painting and drawing.

Nelson continues ahead with his ideas and vision of creating new and inspiring sculptures, drawings and designs. Dr.Afian is also developing new technologies of bronze casting as well as 3-D graphics and animation. He looks forward to working with individuals and organizations and he welcomes inquiries for participation in artistic projects world wide.


•2020-25 Work on a series of exhibition works on the theme: Love, Ballet, History.

• 2019 Actively collaborates with the Council of Veterans of the Great Patriotic War of St. Petersburg and the region.

• 2018. Actively collaborates with the Olympic Center for Weightlifting (St. Petersburg).

• 2017. Actively collaborates with the International Association of Kettlebell Lifting.

• 2016 Actively cooperates with the Russian Orthodox Church

• 2015 Actively cooperates with the Russian Military-Historical Society

• 2015 Established the Foundation for Support and Implementation of Public, Cultural Projects "Traditions and Innovation".

• 2015 Won the competition for the monument to Kostantin Agaparonovich Orbelian.

• 2014 Won the competition for the monument to Andrei Stakenschneider.

• 2014 Participation in the contest for 70 years in the Second World War. The art council of the city "Soldier and Girl" is recommended for erecting in St. Petersburg.

• 2012 Became a gold member of the Society of Artists of California.

• 2010-2016 Teaches drawing, composition, sculpture in the USA and Russia.

• 2008-2009 Actively engaged in cinematography, new technologies and computer graphics.

• 2007 Actively cooperates with the "Center of the National Glory of Russia" (St. Petersburg)

• 2006 Actively cooperates with the UNESCO House in St. Petersburg.

• 2006 Successfully graduated from the creative post-graduate course of the Academy of Arts under the Professor Albert Charkin.

• 2005 Awarded the diploma of the Union of Architects of Russia in Moscow for his participation in the international competition for the memorial, devoted to the events in Beslan.

• 2005 Became a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, St. Petersburg.

• 2004 With a gold medal he graduated from the Russian Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. Thesis "Savior".

• 2003 Works as a sculptor of the International Music Festival "Palaces of St. Petersburg"

• 2003 Honored a scholarship to Italy.


2017-2020 Creation of an collection of sculptures on the theme of love and ballet

2019. Creation of the sculptural composition "Melody of Angels".

2018-2019. Creation memorial plaque to the First Deputy Minister of Railways, Professor, Rector of St. Petersburg State University of Railways, to the Honored Worker of the Transport of the Russian Federation Valery Kovalev.

2017. Creation the cup of the International Kettlebell championship.

2015 Won the competition for Monument to composer Konstantin Orbelian. Yerevan pantheon of prominent cultural figures of Armenia.

2014 Participation in the competition for the 70th anniversary of Victory in Sekond World War

2014 Participation in the autumn exhibition. The Union of Russian Artists.

2014 Won the competition for the monument to the Pskov Division.

2014 Won in the competition for a memorial bust of the architect Andrew Shtakenshnejder

2013 Exhibitions (2) at the Capitol in Sacramento, California

2013 Exhibitions at the Capitol in Sacramento, California

2011 Exhibitions in Los Angeles, CA. Silvana Art Gallery

2011 Exhibitions in Burbank CA. Art Gallery "Isa"

2010 Exhibitions in Appleton, WI private family show. Milwaukee, WI Law center of Joseph Selfert.

2010 Chicago, IL Armenian church.Presentation of the project "Genocide".

2010 Exhibition for the Consulate General, Republic of Cyprus.

2009 Participated in the Autumn Exhibition in St. Petersburg Union of Artists

2009 Three Dimensional Prometheus statue is featured in the Yury Mamin’s movie (Don't think about white monkeys). This national award winning film was highlighted throughout Russia.

2008 Participated in the Traditions and Innovations exhibition, for the 75th anniversary of Russian Artists Association.

2007 Created public memorial relief sculpture in the heart of Siberia, Omsk, dedicated to famous Russian statesman, Count Feodor Golovin. The center for national glory Russia, a Government Agency commissioned this work.

2005-2009 Designed and created the Muse Statuette, this prestigious award is presented to exceptional world renowned musicians. Such as musician and conductor Andres Mustonen, opera tenor Dmitry Khvorostovskiy and saxophone player Federiko Mondelchi, opera singers Elena Obraztsova and Renee Fleming. It was also awarded to president of LSR Renaissance of St. Petersburg, Andrei Molchanov, president of Sberbank, Andrei Kazmin and director of the Russian Museum Alexander Gusev (in commemoration of the 110th anniversary of the museum) for their contribution to development of culture. The Muse Statuette became the symbol of the International Music Festival Palacess St. Petersburg and was featured prominently in various advertisements and on honorary diplomas awarded to various people for their contribution to world culture.

2005 Admitted to the highly prestigious Russian Artists Association St. Petersburg.

2005 Exhibition in the Hall of Russian Artists Association, St. Petersburg.

2004 September 11th Memorial project proposal submitted to Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York. Proposal for project at ground zero.

2004 Created a Statuette of bronze and gold, which was dedicated to the thousand year old anniversary of the Armenian poet-priest, Gregor Narekaci. Private collection USA.

2004 «Savior Statue» was exhibited at Union of Architects of Russia exposition hall in Moscow.

2004 Created a decorative sculpture for the Spanish Kingdom Consulate in St. Petersburg.

2004 Exhibition of Achilles Heel sculpture, exhibited at the Spanish Consulate St. Petersburg.

2003 Created public memorial relief sculpture in the honor of Count Ivan Lasarev which was erected on Main Street, and dedicated to the three -hundred year old anniversary of St. Petersburg. Petition for by the Archbishop of the Armenian Orthodox Church.

2002 Participated in the Autum Exhibition at the Centre Ohta Center, St. Petersburg

2001-2002 Participated in the exhibition at the Rafael Hall of the Academy of Arts St. Petersburg.

2001 Participated in the spring exhibition at Kubasov’s Studio, Exposition Hall for the Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg.

2000 Participated in the international exhibition “Millennium,” where the sculpture Crucifixion of St. Peter was exhibited for the first time. St. Petersburg

2000 Created a unique memorial monument for The Return St. Petersburg.

2000 Created a public fountain for the Italian General Gianalfonso Davosa on Galernaya Street. St. Petersburg.

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