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Legends of World Football

'Legends of World Football'Concept

The sculptural composition 'Legends of World Football' depicts 23 football players of different times and the people who were awarded the highest prizes in football. The team is presented as the image of a ‘World Team’ and of referee Pierluigi Collina signalling the end of the match. In the monument there is the whole emotional spectre of feelings of a great game: happiness, jubilation, glory, pain, and tears... Football is more than a game...It is life itself! The player kneeling in prayer is represented as bearing no resemblance to any existing player, the viewer can imagine any favorite player in his place, from previous years and from contemporaneity.

The monument expresses the dramatic nature and the strength of spirit, the beauty of football and the triumph of the world’s favorite game. The project can be included in the cultural program of 21st World Cup and become a unique symbol of the FIFA World Cup. In a period of difficult political relations, culture and art often become a bridge between peoples and countries. In the monument 'Legends of World Football', the players of different countries and nations are an example of friendship and peace given to us by football.

The height of the sculptural composition 9 meters. Material is bronze, granite.

Names of the footbal players represented in the composition: 1 Pele (Brazil), 2 Diego Maradona (Argentina), 3 Franz Beckenbauer (West Germany), 4 Ronaldo (Brazil), 5 Zinedine Zidane (France), 6 Michel Platini (France), 7 Eusebio (Portugal), 8 Xavi (Spain), 9 Romario (Brazil), 10 Lev Yashin (USSR), 11 Lionel Messi (Argentina), 12 Tostao (Brazil), 13 Carles Puyol (Spain), 14 Alessandro Del Piero (Italy), 15 Wesley Sneyder (Holland), 16 Ronaldinho (Brazil), 17 Luis Figo (Portugal), 18 Fernando Torres (Spain), 19 Paolo Maldini (Italy), 20 Jairzinho (Brazil), 21 Neymar (Brazil), 22 Bobby Charlton (England), 23 Pierluigi Collina, referee (Italy).

Sculptor Nelson Afian

+7 921 759 42 93