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The idea of the sculptural composition of the Olympiad from the ancient Greek language means a Hymn to Olympus with its supernal gods, a hymn to the sky and Nature. As the basis of the composition I took a Biblical symbol, the seven-colour Rainbow – as a Divine sign of a new life with different forms: the individual motion, the cultural, the ethnological and anthropological character of the various nationalities. This is a kind of ark with genotypes of all human species, where each of the seven figures is individual and unique: the Asian is different from the Englishman, the Greek from the Slav, the black man from the German…

In the real spirit of classical Greece, with a new context and new ideas, with the constant and evergreen values of realism and beauty to preserve, reflecting the cosmos and our unity, analyzing and reviving, we will create something truly worthy, all the more so in that it will bring us closer to our glorious forefathers.

Today, when the world is facing the threat of environmental disasters, it is very important to convey through art the value of Nature, its beauty and fragility.. Humankind is inextricably intertwined with Nature and must take care of It and take care of our common World.

This project will be a new word in the art and technology of 21st century bronze-casting, using various metal alloys, inlay, gilding and oxidation. The size of the monument will be 5m x 10m.

Nelson Afian (Athenian)

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