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St. Peter


The monument of Justice

Peter has come back to the Eternal City, as the Angel had ordered him to do, for Christ’s glory. Having reneged Jesus three times, Peter thought himself to be unworthy of being crucified like his Master. That is precisely why, in my opinion, his decision to let himself be crucified upside down was significant and epoch-making.

In the sculptural composition “Coup of the Apostle Peter” I portrayed a saint, whom Roman soldiers failed to turn, the antichrists could not break the faith of the apostle, turning Him over, they turned themselves over and the sky became for them the abyss of hell, the earth for Peter, became the sky freedom, like many, that is the opposite in this world ... (Outrages lie, flourish corruption and cruelty, the concepts of love, brotherhood, honor, mercy are trampled.)

The story of Peter’s crucifixion lays at the basis of the monument, and after two thousand years, thanks to sculpture, this story becomes an allegory. The image of Peter as the follower of Jesus on whom the Church has been built symbolizes also Christ himself and all the wisdom of religions preaching humanity and compassion., as this struggle against injustice, poverty, hunger and wars has been going on throughout the history of humankind. A struggle in which good is opposed to evil, but humankind’s authentic values remain unshakeable. This monument expresses spiritual vigour, courage, firmness and an unshakeable faith.

Through this monument I would like to cast a glance at life and history, using at once realistic methods and a renewed understanding of the Holy Scriptures.

Sculptor Nelson Afian

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